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If you love me - follow me, To Forget Sheien, You and I and meeting with Zhjuli Deparde

7 February - 13 February 2008 .

21 May - 28 May 2007 .
Coffee house the Bookvoed present night movies. In programm - masterpieces of a world cinema (Claude Chabrol, Takashi Miike, Jean-Luc Godard, Al Pacino...), free entrance.

17 February - 31 March 2007 .
British animation has been extremely popular for the long time all over the world due to its diverse variety of themes, styles and techniques, applied while creating animated film...

14 February - 21 February 2007 .
Without false modesty it is possible to tell: the program of 2006 included the best films of last two years. Its films - participants and winners of national and international film festivals...

8 December - 17 December 2006 .
OnNovember, 24-26th inPetersburg unique Days CINE FANTOM, unique displays ofthe film society, specially prepared program, set ofvisitors and interesting discussions...

24 November - 26 November 2006 .
"Stardust memories" Woody Allen, "Autumn sonata" Ingmar Bergman, "Vanya On 42nd Street" Louis Malle...

25 October - 10 November 2006 .
The three artists participating in the show Pia Euro, Tanja Koponen and Elena Nasanen. The art they will present is sophisticated, impressive work of consequence that has been exhibited internationally...

6 October - 29 October 2006 .
New British Film Festival, films of Takeshi Kitano...

1 October - 15 October 2006 .
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SHORT - Short Film Festival

SHORTS moviefest
SHORT independent short film festival in St.-Petersburg every month!

Petersburg cats in Malaya Sadovaya street

Petersburg cats in Malaya Sadovaya street
cat Elisey and Vasilisa grant desire if the thrown coin will land near to them...

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