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The Saami Films in may 2007

21 May - 28 May 2007 г.

Three films about the Saami culture will be shown at the Finnish Institute in Saint-Petersburg during two days in May.

Monday, 21 May, 18.00 Sami
The documentary film Sámi (2006) depicts the current situation of the Sámi people. The Saami are a people spread over 4 different countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

They have no state of their own. The Saami are Europe’s last aboriginal people and they speak 9 different languages. They have lived off the land and nature has provided for them. But yesterday is not today. People have left their homes and followed work into the big cities. This film takes a look at the identity of these people.

Monday, 28 May, 18:00 Let´s dance! and Give Us Our Skeletons
Let´s Dance! is a humorous account of young Lassi’s first love. Lassi lives in a small village up in the fells of Lapland.

The arctic cold and darkness seem to disappear in anticipation of the village dance. This is the moment – this is the chance for Lassi to ask the lovely village shop girl to dance. Expectations are high and there is excitement in the air in the bustle of the ballroom.

Give Us Our Skeletons is an unbelievable story about two skeletons locked inside a glass showcase at the institute of anatomy in Oslo. A question arises: were these men common murderers or where they national heroes? The researchers at the institute regard Mons Somby and Aslak Haetta, who were sentenced to death and hanged at the expense of the state in 1854, as murderers. In the researchers´ opinion, the skeletons thus belong to the state, and they have full right to carry out various experiments on them.

All films are shown with English subtitles.
Address: Institute of Finland in Saint-Petersburg, 64 Ligovskii pr.. Free entrance

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