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Festival of French cinema - 2008 - 7 Films About Love

7 February - 13 February 2008 .

The Cinema "Rodina"
since February, 7th till February, 13th, 2008

Thursday, February, 7th, 18.30: "If you love me - follow me" (Qui maime me suive)
Comedy, 1 40, 2005
Director: Benua Cohen
In roles:Matje Demi, Eleonor Purrio, Juli Depardie

Friday, February, 8th, 19.00: "The Life in Air" (Ma vie en lair)
Comedy, 1 43, 2005
Director: Remi Bezanson
In roles:Vinsen Elbaz, Mario Kotijar

Saturday, February, 9th, 19.00: "The Change of the Address" (Changement dadresse)
Romantic comedy, 1 25, 2006
Director: Emmanuel Moore
In roles: Emmanuel Moore, Frederik Bell

Sunday, February, 10th, 19.00: "To Forget Sheien" (Oublier Cheyenne)
Drama comedy, 1 30, 2005
Director: Valery Minetto
In roles: Mila Dekker, Oreli Pti, Malik Zidi

Monday, February, 11th, 19.00: "Hot" (Ca brule)
Drama, 1 51, 2006
Director: Claire Simon
In roles:Cami Varen, Gilber Melki

Tuesday, February, 12th, 19.00: "The Cold Shower" (Douches froides)
Drama, 1 42, 2005
Director: Anthon Korde
In roles: Ioan Libero, Salome Stivenin, Jean-Phillip Ekoffi

Wednesday, February, 13th, 19.00: "You and I" (Toi et moi)
Drama comedy, 1 30, 2005
Director: Zhjuli Lopez Kurval
In roles: Zhjuli Deparde, Mariion Kotijar

Meeting with Zhjuli Deparde

July Deparde was born in family of Gerard and Elizabeth Deparde. The first cinema test for the student of faculty of philosophy became a role in a screen version of the novel by Balzac "Colonel Shaber" (1994) where her father has played a leading role.

Director Zhoze Dajan has invited July to play roles in television serials such as "The Damned Kings" under the novel by Moris Druon, "Count Monte Cristo" and "Milady", based on Alexander Djumas books.

The first great role July has played in "Midnight examination" (1998) by Daniel Djubru. Owing to such films as "Sentimental destiny" by Olivier Assajasa, "Love me" by Leticia Mason and "May be" by Sedrik Klapish, July Deparde became one of the most recognized persons of a young French cinema.

In 2004 took part in movie by Yan oiks "The Podium", which made huge cash success in France, and has received at once two "Sezars" (the maximum cinema award of France) for a role in Claude Millers film "Little Lily".

One of the most demanded modern French actresses, July Deparde continues to play roles in films of young directors.

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