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Blincom festival VII - music bands, poets, writers, designers and other creative people

16 December - 17 December 2006 г.

Blincom festival is held for the seventh time. Music bands, poets, writers, designers and other creative people.

The festival is supported by comities of St-Petersburg Government.

This year the program of this cultural festival includes:

Tolkienist section
Literature section
Role-playing games
Table games
Presentation of Gamers School
Craft section «Craftsmen Town»
Historical dance, Fantasy disco
Minstrel and Falk Groups performances
Dramatized presentations of games and plays
Information section
Photo, drawing and theatre puppets exhibition
Seminars, master-classes and many other things

Blincom festival VII 2006, 16-17 December 2006, DK «Gavan» Bolshoi prospect V. O., 65

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