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Paradigm festival

1 September - 1 December 2006 .

PARADIGM is a project which essentially resembles a contemporary arts festival, only in paper format. It is in part an art project and in part an academic (research) project.

The concepts, art objects, researchers and artists all come together here  just as they would at festivals and conferences  on the pages of an illustrated publication. Working with paper conforms to the task and spirit of the project.

Paper has greater resistance. In many ways this paper-based event corresponds with the idea of paper architecture, with its theoretical potential and freedom but without its utopia.

The essence of the PARADIGM series of paper-based festivals lies in assembling cultural facts grouped around a single word and to portray the paradigm of that word in a specific semantic light  a compilation of its cultural declensions.

The Word for the first PARADIGM is NORTH. (Two more words, i. e. the subsequent two PARADIGMS are RING and WINDOW/DOOR). Thus the paper festival becomes a trilogy.

Presentation of the project (The European University in St Petersburg).

Presentation of the project will be an independent artistic event. In preparing and running the presentation the use of several elements of the Paradigm of THE NORTH is planned (fridges, NORD cakes, ice-cream, military maps and sound  Glenn Goulds The Idea of the North and a live concert)  as well as works of art, including a screening of the video work Winterreise (A Winters Journey) a joint production by British artist Mariele Neudecker and Opera North (UK). The presentation will last one day.

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