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Photo exhibition by young photographer Anna Majsjuk The Last Summer of Childhood

5 March - 23 March 2007 .

Photo exhibition by young photographer Anna Majsjuk The Last Summer of Childhood open in St.-Petersburg 5-23 march. The curator of an exhibition - Maksimishin Sergey.
Maksimishin Anna Majsjuk about the exhibition:

Selishi is a typical Russian village. There are about 30 houses. 3 kms from the river Shelon. 16 kms up to regional center Solcy and railway station. The bus goes there three times ta day. 300 kms up to Saint Petersburg. 15 years ago Selishi was a part of a big collective farm named after Kalinin. Now the collective farm is disintegrated. The youth has left to work in the city. In village there are only old men. All necessary food they raise on the kitchen garden. On the small pension in the shop they buy bread, salt, sugar, cigarettes.

In the next village there are some families of able-bodied age. There is no chance to find well paid work. The basic source of the income - sale of a wood to Finland. After school young people leave for the city to receive a speciality and to work. In the summer children come to visit their parents and bring grandchildren on a vacation. From entertainments for youth there is a disco in a club on Saturdays and occasionally cinema. When it is hot guys go to a small river.

In the evenings they gather in a garage which serves them as a pub. My grandfather comes from this village. After service in the army he stayed to work in St.-Petersburg. After retiring on pension, he has returned to native village. For the last 16 years I came for summer to my grandfather in Selishi. The last summer was, most likely, my last carefree childrens summer. It remained in my memory as a kaleidoscope of memoirs. Ahead there is an adult life.

Sergey Maksimishin about the exhibition:

Any art aspires to become similar to music, as music is the only one from arts which gets into the heart not through the head but intravenously.

The photo is the better, the less it has literature and more "music". The good photo is a photo which cannot be described by words. During an epoch of the Internet and the live broadcasting the task of the photographer has changed: we do not need to tell WHAT have happened, now the newspaper photographer should tell HOW it was.

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