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Andrey Polushkin exhibition Things From the Dreams of Things

16 January - 5 February 2007 .

This exhibition was not planed for January, it was planed to close season 2006/2007 in Ars Magna Gallery with it.

Andrey Polushkin is an interesting person. He was starting his art career as graphic artist not as a photographer. His first exhibition took place in 10×10 Gallery in 1993 later at the turn of centuries he got interested in computer graphics and through it became a photographer.

Polushkin calls his creative process and technique digital photomanipulations. This project have been forming for several years, since 2002. Last exhibition of the author Decorative Virus has taken place in Photography Museum last year.

Things From the Dreams of Things are still-lifes. Polushkin still-lifes do not correspond in any way with traditions of still life, or of nature morte. His objects not alive and not dead. Andrey Polushkin works are often called mystic realism, but there is not so much reality in his works.

The objects are not real things with material features, they are the shadows of the things existing in some ideal world created by the author. Its a kind of decadence in new digital reality.

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