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The presentation of the first album Dont Panic quartet Swing Couture

7 December 2006 .

Swing Couture is a quartet of two jazz guitarists (Alexsey Stankov, Maxim Belitskiy), violin-player (Viktor Rapotikhin) and double-bass-player (Vladimir Chernitsin).

It was organised in August, 2005 in Saint-Petersburg. In spite of its youth, musicians are serious professionals working for 25 hours a day. The bans repertoire consists of program that is quite traditional for the style hot club.

There is also program of jazz arrangements of old Soviet songs and program of their own compositions in the repertoire. Musicians dont limit themselves by the style frames and continue to enlarge their repertoire and for the first turn by rare and less known jazz compositions.

The presentation of the first album Dont Panic will take place in JFC-jazz-club on the 7th of December. The radio ROKS DJ Meggi Virtanen will take part in the concert. Well known step-dancers Evgeny Lagransky and Yaroslav Vorontsov who have become the organic part of the bands concerts will support the presentation with short performance.

The beginning of the presentation at 20.00.
Tickets (100 roubles) are available.

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