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Personal exhibition of works of well-known Petersburg artist Nikolay Bogomolov "The Vacuum windows"

7 February - 29 February 2008 .

The gallery MARCH c on February, 7th on February, 29th, 2008

Gallery "March" represents a personal exhibition of works of well-known Petersburg artist Nikolay Bogomolov "The Vacuum windows". The author will present to the spectators painting and works on a paper of manual manufacture and computer graphics.

Nikolay Bogomolov is very lyrical, gentle and intelligent artist. The name of an exposition coincides with the name of one of the masters works. "The Vacuum windows" is something, that became the nominal expression in our everyday life.

Here is the "Library", located in a rotunda with windows in the various worlds. Meditating above the thrown things, the author observes, how the things made by people, gradually absorbed by surrounding nature. There is an original beauty of dying or transition in any other condition in it. In the image of the city by N. Bogomolov you cant find smart kinds recognized from guidebooks. It is interesting to author to observe the life of streets and court yard, their inhabitants, to transfer something imperceptible, peculiar only to this city, to understand its soul.

But the main vital and creative question set by the artist, still remains: what occurs with us in this quickly varying world and how not to lose ourselves?

The author was born in 1956 in Vologda. He has living in Petersburg since 1957. He finished LTI in 1979 and also worked there as the scientific employee. He has begun to paint with the childhood, but it became his basic employment only in 1989, when he has interrupted the scientific career. In the end of 90-s Nickolay taught the computer graphics and design in the Center of Information Culture in the end of 90-s. Now he is engaged in painting, graphics and computer graphics as an independent artist.

He began to participate in exhibitions together with the other artists-nonconformists in1986. In 1987 he became a member of group " Island ". In 1990-2000 he had expositions mainly in galleries of the USA and there he was as the participant of the art-festivals. Nikolay Bogomolov was the participant more than 70 exhibitions, 9 of them were his personal.

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