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Vyborg city

Leningradskaya obl., Vyborg
tel. The Vyborg Center: +7(81378) 26-898

Vyborg — one of the largest and most beautiful cities of Leningrad region. Its located in northwest of Karelian isthmus on coast of gulf of Finland in 129 km from St.-Petersburg...

Currently Vyborg city is the only entirely European city on the territory of Russia. The history of Vyborg begins in XI century when on the place of present park Monrepo there was a small settlement of karelians. In 1293 the Swedish governor Knutson has occupied these lands, having seen their favourable strategic position.

Vyborg remained Swedish till 1710 when has been won by general-admiral Apraksin. After the Russian-Swedish war the Vyborg province became a component of the Finnish princedom which are a part of Russia. It proceeded till the 1917 which has become on year of independence of Finland, and Vyborg remained Finnish of 20 more years.

Now, strangely enough, it is our Russian city, though and constructed basically the non-russian architects. Speaking about Vyborg as about city-museum, mean not simply a collection of callous stone exhibits, but functionally filled, alive architectural structure. The majority of houses-monuments — really working.

Except for all this Vyborg — one of the largest and most beautiful cities of Leningrad region. Its located in northwest of Karelian isthmus on coast of gulf of Finland in 129 km from St.-Petersburg. This place of crossing of ways between Petersburg and the Scandinavian world.

The basic sights of Vyborg: Pancerlaks, Annenkron, Fridrihsgansky gate, park Monrepo, Alvar Aaltos library.

How to pass in Vyborg (from Saint-Petersburg):

Simple electric trains 
From the Finnish station (the underground Finnish station) to buy the ticket up to Vyborg (time in a way about 3 hours).

The Express train
1,5 hours per ways - trains at 7.50 a.m. and 13.10 p.m..
Back from Vyborg - 20.10 - except for wednesday.

The schedule specify, please, by phones (812) 768-71-89, 762-33-44 (24hour, payment) and

Photo of  Vyborg
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