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Peterhof city offountains

Leningradskaya obl., Peterhof
tel. 420-00-73, 427-74-25, 427-93-30

Feature of the Peterhof system of water supply is absence of water-pressure head constructions and pumps water to fountains and cascades of Peterhof goes with the Ropshinskie heights...

Peterhof - city of fountains, palaces and parks. Ensemble of Peterhof has arisen in the first quarter of XVIII century.
The founder and the creator of Peterhof is Peter I. Date of the basis of Peterhof as a smart country residence, it is considered 1714.
In those days, construction of Peterhof was an original triumphal monument in honour of victories of Russia over an output to Baltic sea.

Architects  I. Braunshtejn, B. F. Rastrelli took part in construction of the Peterhof complex, M. Zemtsov, Z. B. Leblon, A. Shtakenshnejder, A. Menelas; hydraulic engineering  Sualem, brothers Baratini; sculptors B. K. Rastrelli, N. Pino, gardeners  Erler, A. Borisov, etc.

With 1719 for 1723 architect N. Miketti has developed projects of fountains and cascades, pavilions, fencings.

The significant role these years was played by I. Braunshtejn. It not only observed of construction of different objects, but also has created projects of a palace of the Gauze and the pavilion the Hermitage conceived by Peter.

Unique water-waters of Peterhof has been created in 1720-1721 under the project of the engineer-hydraulics Tuvolkov. Feature of the Peterhof system of water supply is absence of water-pressure head constructions and pumps  water to fountains and cascades of Peterhof goes with the Ropshinskie heights rich with numerous springs.

During XVIII century the shape of the Bottom park constantly varied.
Around of a Peter complex a number of the parks executed in landscape style - Alexandria, Alexandrinsky, Angliyskiy, Kolonistskiy and Lugovoy with palaces and the pavilions constructed in various styles.

Now in Peterhof of openly 10 museums and 3 parks: Verhniy, Nigniy and Alexandria. In Top to a garden and the Bottom park 3 cascades and 173 fountains work.

How to pass in Peterhof (from Saint-Petersburg):

Route taxi

From the Baltic station the shuttle bus goes, it will take you to the park. And when the season opens, from there start to go different route taxi which too will take you to the park.
From station of underground Avtovo the route taxi  424
From station of the underground Leninskiy prospect route taxi  224 (if doubt, ask people at a stop, they will prompt) goes goes.

Electric trains
It is possible to reach to the Baltic station (the underground Baltic) to buy the ticket up to New Peterhof and to sit down on one of electric trains moving up to Oranienbaum, Krasnoflotsk or Kalishe.

All these electric trains will take you to Peterhof. The road from Item of Petersburg up to Peterhof borrows approximately 45 minutes. Having left an electric train it is possible to sit down on one of buses which depart from the area before station, up to park there are buses with numbers: 350, 351,352, 356. To leave it is necessary at the fifth stop, not including that on which you have sat down.

It is possible from station up to park to reach and on foot, through Proletarian park. Having left an electric train, you will see for station the area a wood, is and there is a Proletarian park.

Meteor (on water)
Meteors go from the Hermitage, the Medniy Vsadnik (Angliyskaya nab., 4) and from an Aurora (Petrovskaya nab., 8).

Photo of Peterhof
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