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3rd International Marianne Brandt Contest Poetry of the Functional

4 June - 17 June 2007 .

For the third time, the city of Chemnitz honours its renowned daughter Marianne Brandt with the international Marianne Brandt Contest aimed at young artists throughout Europe. As in 2001 and 2004, the contest is entitled Poetry of the Functional.

The apparent paradox clearly characterises the overall concept behind the creative work of Marianne Brandt and other Bauhaus artists: the most important aspect of an objects design is its function, usability and effective performance. At the same time, it should have a sensory charm far removed from a cold and calculated rationalism. This poetry is inherent to the object, there is no artificial embellishment or styling whatsoever.

We are looking for projects which combine innovative ideas with meticulous execution and suitability for practical application. Functionality also means viewing a product from its relative finiteness and putting thought into economic use of resources including nonpolluting waste and recycling. While new materials and technologies are thus desired, they should not be the means to the end but rather serve in the overall usefulness.

The Product Design and Photography contest categories pay homage to Marianne Brandts most important works. The third category has varied; after considering Collages and Clothing, the promoters have now selected Regional Design Solutions having communities and regions as their subject. This may seem a somewhat unusual choice at first but such local/regional-oriented design continues to assume ever greater significance.

Participation in the contest is only valid if the exhibit is submitted together with a signed registration form and acceptance of the general and specific terms for participation. The form can be downloaded in the Internet under

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