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The program "Religion, dance and a fashion in the Western Europe 13-18 centuries"

27 January 2008 г.

Museum of History of Religion
17 January 2008

On Sunday, January 27 at 15.00 the State museum of history of religion together with the St.-Petersburg Club of Ancient Dance represents the program "The Religion, dance and a fashion in the Western Europe 13-18 centuries".

The program tells about a spiritual life of inhabitants of the Western Europe of 13-18 centuries - peasants and noblemen, handicraftsmen and persons of royal blood. Special thematic excursion on halls of a museum is devoted to spiritual search and religious traditions, which influenced on a usual life of each person at 13-18 centuries.

It will be possible to learn in the second part of the program about pleasures of life, how had a good time and danced, about styles of dresses and kinds of a hairdress. Pupils and teachers of Club of Ancient Dance will show some court and national dances of different centuries, will tell about history of dance and a suit, and then will lead the small master-class for all comers.

In execution of dancers and on videorecordings the spectators will see medieval cantiga and majestic bassdance, playful Italian baletto Renaissance and contrdance - the national dance which has become fashionable at Stuart’s courtyard; will take pleasure in splendour of court performances of an epoch of a baroque and virtuosity jig and rigodon, learn, that such " Dance of death ", and what dance in 17 century named "King of all dances", will find out, with what modern ballet began and whether those who considers dance by not man’s employment are right.

Participation in the program and an input in a museum within all day for students free-of-charge. Tickets for adults - 60 roubles, for schoolboys, pensioners - 20 roubles.

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