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Stanislav Chabutkins photo-exhibition "ECHO"

18 January 2008 .

The museum of History of the Photo (MYTH)
Since January, 11th till February, 19th, 2008
The Museum of History of the Photo invites to Stanislav Chabutkins exhibition "ECHO" from January, 11th till February, 19th 2008.

From the interview which have been given to Oleg Jasakhov:

- What parity in your activity of a creative and applied photo?

- The applied photo very peacefully gets on with creativity - it is necessary to feed family and to support the enough extravagant hobby for a photo. The craft is necessary in any case, including for realization of the ideas. My daily work for me already became enough simple - basically, it is shooting of a cold steel for albums and catalogues. I have already illustrated more then dozens of books.

- The technical perfection of a picture is very important in such works. What technics do you use in applied shootings, and what place in your work is borrowed with digital technologies?

- I prefer to shoot architecture by the cardanic cameras, formats 9*12 and 13*18. I usually take with myself materials for 20 cardes. Its enough for the night because such the staff you always make very carefully.

- The most "advanced" digital camera cannot be compared to the cardanic camera. However it is impossible to deny, that behind a digital photo the future. The principle remains former - there is an objective, and there is a photosensitive receiver. If earlier the silver plate was as this receiver, now it is a matrix. The format 13*18 about which we spoke, can discipline the photographer very much, but in a digital photo there is no such measure of the responsibility - it is possible to photograph a great number of the staff from which then you can choose something interesting. In my opinion, it is necessary to choose at shooting.

- The digital camera is good for journalistic shooting which I am not engaged - there, frequently, the more the cadres have shot, it is more probability of hit.

- Is the slogan "no day without the staff " actual for you?

- Recently I photograph for myself much less often. Certainly, I cant tell, that " all is already shot", there is simply some saturation. Maybe, change of activity. But, of course, I do not represent myself outside of a photo. Approximately in 1988 I have already departed from all exhibition activity and have returned only through 10 years. At that time I did not know even, what occurs in the city, I visited only the loudest exhibitions. And in 1997 Alexander Kitaev and George Golenky (the curator from Russian museum) organized an exhibition "the Trace of a shadow ". I have taken part in the exhibition and soon again began to shot. But since then I have started to pay especial attention for the work with archive. Really I do not like to print fresh photos. As for me, it is good, if they will lie down couple years or even five years. Most "tasty" I usually print at once, and now I get that has not had time to try from archive. For example, I recently printed from the negative which has been shot in 1983, so it has lain during 21 year, not being printed, but I remembered all this it time.

Stanislav Chabutkin
Stanislav Chabutkin was born in Leningrad in 1953. He finished the Chemical faculty of the Leningrad Engineering-Economic Institute of. P.Toljatti (1970 - 1975), evening drawing classes of Institute of. I.E.Repin (1973 - 1976), Faculty of Press Photographers of the Leningrad House of the Journalist (1977 - 1978).

He is a member of the UNIN of artists of Russia (2001), a member of the UNIN of pictorialists of Russia (2002). Stanislav took a part of various creative associations - photoclubs "VDK" and "Friendship", groups " Windows " and "Leningrad". Stanislav Chabutkin is a participant more than 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, the author of 12 personal exhibitions. His photos are stored in the state and private assemblies of Russia and abroad.

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