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SPEAKING LIGHT - Marja Pirila & Petri Nuutinen: exhibition and workshop

12 October - 29 October 2007 .

SPEAKING LIGHT - Marja Pirila & Petri Nuutinen: exhibition and workshop.

In summer 2007, the National Centre of Photography is happy to announce a project in collaboration with two Finnish artists - Marja Pirila and Petri Nuutinen. The project will include an exhibition of Marja Pirilas and Petri Nuutinens work in the exhibition hall of the National Centre of Photography, as well as a workshop in pinhole photography conducted by Marja Pirila.

The project consists of two parts :

1/ Speaking Light. Exhibition of Marja Pirila and Petri Nuutinen: 22 June 16 July, exhibition hall of National Centre of Photography (35 Bolshaya Morskaya, St.Petersburg). Exhibition works every day from 11 to 19, entrance is free.

Sometimes light, a place or an objects calls forth memories and emotions, pushing one towards the unknown, ones innermost self. Speaking House (Marja Pirila) 2006 is a series of chromogenic colour photographs of rooms in a deserted house that were converted into camera obscuras. In these images, the dilapidated spaces merge with spaces of light. Disintegration and death appear simultaneously as a bare and solemn blending into the light. Mothers Buckets (Marja Pirila & Petri Nuutinen 2006) is an ensemble of works in which light creates fleeting pictures of the outside world on matte glass in buckets converted into camera obscuras, as if on the frozen surface of water. The works combine an old recollection, the camera obscura phenomenon and an everyday object into a continually changing whole, with its centre located everywhere.

2/ Camera Obscura and Pinhole Photography workshop, tutor:Marja Pirila. 22 -29 June, studio of the National Centre of Photography. The workshop will be followed by a student exhibition of the works created in the course of the workshop, to be held in the small exhibition hall of the National Centre of Photography. The workshop will run in the scope of 5 days during which the participants will be introduced to the principles of camera obscura and pinhole photography. They will learn to construct camera obscuras by themselves, as well as to implement optical lenses and scrap material to produce pinhole photography, both black and white and color. The size of group is 10-15 persons. The works created by participants will be constantly reviewed and evaluated during the workshop, with the best works to be displayed at an exhibition following the workshop, in the small exhibition hall of the National Centre of Photography. The workshop is addressed to photographers, intermediate and advanced photography and art students.

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