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The exhibition "GIFT" - photo of Lyudmila Tabolina

23 March - 23 April 2007 .

The exhibition "GIFT" - will pass Lyudmila Tabolinojs photos in the Museum of history of a photo from March, 23rd till April, 23rd 2007.

" Phenomenon of L.Tabolina that benevolent favour allows it to peer with not decreasing thirst of expectation at world around. If to try to explain the nature of its gift, I would note validity of soul. Its life is subordinated to search and restoration of the true sold through harmony.

Whereas for many artists exhaustion of narrowly understood theme becomes the reason of crisis, her approach provides inexhaustibility with that, or, to tell more precisely, the unique themes, a theme of Good fortune.

On materials of article of Paul Boyarova Silent music during an epoch of changes. About Lyudmila Tabolinojs creativity.

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