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The Celebration of George Harrisons and The Beatles music

25 February 2007 .

On the 25th of February in Griboedov club The Celebration of George Harrisons and The Beatles music will take place. This event continues the traditions of The Beatles musical festivals, first of which was organized by the company "Grateful Russia to The Beatles" in October, 2005. This is a kind of parade of the musical groups, musicians and ensembles, performing The Beatles in their own unique manner.

In George Harrisons birthday you will see and hear the best groups from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Minsk, that will present their variants of the well known and favorite melodies.

More then 10 unique ensembles will play at two concert halls of the club and documentary and fiction moves, concerning the legendary quartet history, will be shown on the big stage.

List of the musicians:

Duet Double Fantasy (Minsk) the famous duet of virtuoso-guitarists from Minsk Vladimir Tkachenko and Vladimir Molchanov, the ex-participants of the band "Pesnyary".

Revolver (Petrozavodsk) well known band with glamour features and bright sense of humor.

Puttinon the Beatles style (Saint-Petersburg) the participants of the International festival of The Beatles music (Liverpool) in August, 2006.

Kvint-U (Moscow) young collective from Moscow, that has gained popularity among The Beatles music admires. The members of the group are 4 charming girls.

Kat (Saint-Petersburg) the drummer, one of the most famous persons of underground culture in Saint-Petersburg. She took part in the recordings of many famous musicians.

Leonid Tikhomirov (Saint-Petersburg) actor, musician, poet, composer, participant of many concert devoted to The Beatles in Moscow, Samara, Minsk since 1970.

Voina Poetov (War of the Poets, Saint-Petersburg) band of young musicians, playing songs of the 60s-70s by three voices.

The OZ (Saint-Petersburg) group, performing punk-versions of The Beatles songs.

Newton (Saint-Petersburg) young group, performing cover-versions of The Beatles songs.

Mata Khari (Saint-Petersburg) young musicians that recorded one composition for the album "Russian Revolver" (2005).

Griby (Mushrooms, Saint-Petersburg) original ensemble of three persons that took part in many The Beatles concerts in Saint-Petersburg.

Sunflowers (Saint-Petersburg) the most famous band from Saint-Petersburg, performing cover-versions of The Beatles songs.

Dyadya Sam (Uncle Sam, Saint-Petersburg) three musicians whose music is based on rhythm-n- blues and rock-n-roll. Also took part in the album "Russian Revolver".

The main aim of this action is to unite as well known rock-musicians and groups playing The Beatles music s the admires of the music of the legendary Liverpool quartet.

The beginning of the concert at 18.00
The tickets (200 rubles) are available at the musical shops and in the club in the day of the concert.
More information: 764-43-55 (Griboedov club)

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