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The discussion on the theme Classic music in modern world CLASSIC MUSIC IN MODERN WORLD

25 January 2007 .

On the 25th of January in Bookvoed book shop (Ligovskiy pr., 10) the discussion on the theme Classic music in modern world will take place.

Saint-Petersburg traditionally considered to be the cradle of classic culture, the city of deep traditions that gave to the world the row of talented composers and performers. Rimskiy-Korsakov, Stravinskiy, Shostakovich, Basner, Mravinskiy, Petrov, Stadler, Vaiman, Gergiev, Temirkanov the list is inexhaustible.

At the same time the city didnt avoid the general trends of cultural development and the so called mass culture is dominated in this city as well as in all the rest Russian places. But in Saint-Petersburg among different pop-show and popular criminal music Mariinskiy theatre, Philharmonic hall, Conservatory and many other musical theatres are existing.

Saint-Petersburg is one of few cities where the attempt to create radio station playing only classical music was done. Though Classic Peterburg was closed two years ago, competition among the students in Conservatory is stable high.

The tickets on the philharmonic concerts according to modern prices cost nothing but the hall are semi-full usually. Only participation of some star can guarantee success.

At the same time the skills and professional level of Russian ensembles and musicians are highly estimated around the whole world and their touring schedules are the best confirmation to these words.

Now on the piracy musical market among different popular series that can be called From Bach to Offenbach one can find unique series The Gallery of Classical music, that celebrates 10 years in 2006.

This Gallery is the result of Bomba-Piter musical company hard work with Saint-Petersburg Record Studio Melodia. Up to this day more than 100 items were released. In first turn this series promotes school of musicians from Saint-Petersburg (Temirkanov Yuriy, Mravinskiy Evgeniy, Stadler Sergey and all the others).

The series was twice awarded Record award (2001 and 2002), that was established by international musical agency InterMedia and by Ministry of Culture of Russsian Federation and International Federation of Publishers. In nomination Album of classical music the best albums were called Vivaldi. Four Seasons (M. Vaiman), 2001 and Bach. The best organ work (S. Tsatsorin), 2002.

If children listen to classical music today? Will they listen classic tomorrow? Maybe music that we are listening today will be forgotten tomorrow? Which kind of music can be called classical? Is it possible to earn money being classical musician?

We are going to answer these and the other questions in the frame of discussion Classic music in modern world.

The beginning of the discussion at 20.00

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