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The band Theodor Bastard will take place in Red Club

15 December 2006 .

The presentation of new album Sueta and new version of the album Pustota by the band Theodor Bastard will take place in Red Club on the 15th of December.

Theodor Bastard has gained popularity in the West thanks to the release of the album Pustota in four countries and active touring in the world. Almost all leading European Mass Media said about the band. As a result theyve got the successful tours in Germany, Belgian, France and in the countries of ex-Soviet region.

The members of the band dont give the direct answer on the question about audiences reaction. We try not make any accents in this question. To judge from their concert records the reaction can be different. And it doesnt matter if it were few words dropped into the raving crowd in Les Halle in Brussels, the stage where the day before PJ Harvey was playing, or chary of applause cultural Keln center,  the band is working on 100%.

The musicians said that the numerous demands of the public is also one of the reason to release the album. There are lots of material that you cant find in the concerts  Fedor Svoloch is jockeying. That means that in many reports from the concert the band was called noise-rock with fuzzed guitar or avant-garde with ethno and gothic.

Anyway, the concert release Sueta has compound the best bands live performances from Saint-Petersburg to Brussels. There are such kind of exclusive things as song performed with genius American saxophone-player Itan Jordan or opium AlBor with the sounds of prepared sitar, that was recorded in the damp skvot in Dortmund. There is also material that was never released before on the new album.

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